By Jillian Wilschke

This summer, during my internship with Addison Avenue Marketing in downtown Muncie, Indiana, I was introduced to some genius websites and applications that do wonders for project and team management. Check out the following resources and the unique ways you can put them to use in your professional life.


I had plenty of exposure to Slack this summer as I used it for my internship as well as a few other projects I worked on outside of my internship. Slack is, in short, extreme communication for your team. For my internship, I used Slack to communicate with a team of two other people, but for another project I worked on, I used it with a team of more than 50 people. Any team, big or small, can use Slack as an effective way to communicate. Slack allows you to create a variety of different “channels” that you can add specific people to. Slack is also very Google Drive friendly and therefore allows you to add Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Slideshows and more to your channels so that your team can easily access those documents. You can also integrate Trello and other applications to Slack channels. Check out Slack and their guide to getting started here.


Trello is a place where ideas and projects can live. Trello allows you to organize ideas and plan projects by making lists, boards, and cards infinitely. It’s difficult to capture exactly what Trello is and what it can do for you, so ultimately, you just need to go and try it. Check out a blog written by my internship supervisor, Melanie Howe, where she shares some kind words and strategies for using Trello.


Anyone who thrives on to-do lists is bound to love Asana. Asana is basically an online to-do list where you can create your own lists, or you can create lists for your teams and assign certain people tasks. You can assign deadlines to tasks, create to-do lists within to-do lists, log notes within each to-do list, create conversations, see what others have completed or been assigned to. Of course, Asana also allows for every to-do lister maker’s favorite part of creating a list–you can click a fulfilling check mark once you’ve completed a task. If you’re on the go, it’s convenient to complete and assign tasks through Asana’s app, too! I’ve only scratched the surface of Asana’s versatility, so be sure to check it out for yourself as well as their guide to getting started.
All of these free task management resources are easy and versatile, so try them, see what works for you and become your most productive self.

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